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Direct Sales and Advertising

If you perform a search on Google you will realize that not all the links that the search engine shows us are "deserving". The Google page can be divided into two parts: the first one, in the center, is the one dedicated to normal links, the second one, the search results stand out at the top, these are the sponsored or paid links.

These sponsored ads are displayed along with the relevant search results, so that users who are really interested in the service / product offered by the company see the advertising. With a single click, users will be on the site and will search for information of interest.

How We Can Help You!

At Focal Emarketing, we manage your Google Adwords campaigns with the aim of placing your website in sponsored ads: together with you we will decide which keywords your ads appear for, how much to invest and even decide the objective of the campaign by country, region and specific city.

Our Proposal for You

At Focal Emarketing we can grow your business, creating specific Google AdWords campaigns for your needs. A campaign in Google AdWords offers endless possibilities, if administered professionally and consistently.

Google Adwords is the SEA tool (search engine advertising) par excellence: perfect for advertising services, product sales, promotion of activities, launch of promotions. To be effective and ensure a good ROI (return on investment), an AdWords campaign must advance at different levels and have the experience of different professionals. Among our main work strategies we can mention:

  • Our SEM analysts will create a relevant and optimized list of keywords: to focus the objective, it is necessary to study it and identify the words used by users to search for their services and / or products.
  • Our web content editor will process the ad text: your content should be aligned with the keywords to optimize Google's quality score. 
  • We will launch the AdWords campaign and we will do an optimization in time, the change of the list of keywords, the daily budget, the objective of the campaign, the geographical location, the daily schedule, the age bands. The activity will be constantly reported, to evaluate with you the results obtained and the strategies for the following phases of the online advertising campaign.
  • YOU will remain the owner of the Adwords account and can access your profile at any time directly controlling the results of the campaign to control the expense and the destination of your investment. Contact Us!