Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your Site in the First Positions of Google!

We generate new Prospects and Visitors

We all want to see our company in the top position of the Google search listings. However, and we say it with total honesty, nobody can give you that total guarantee and you should be wary of those who do it.

Through a detailed analysis of on-page and off-page factors, we will be able to determine which are the ideal keywords according to the target market you want to target.

What Will We Do?

Through our SEO tools (Search Engine Optimization) we will optimize your website for search engines: selecting optimal keywords, cleaning the appropriate code and developing external / internal links together with other effective strategies to put your website on top .

These interventions will lead Google to evaluate your site as a reliable page, to the point of being proposed to the readers before its competitors in the results of the search engine.

Our SEO Strategy

Our SEO consulting and website positioning service is structured in 3 phases:

Analysis of your Activity and Generation of Keywords
Our team will study the relationship between your company and your competitors in the main search engines, the quantities of search queries, the content that contributes most of the traffic, and our web editors will work on the writing of suitable content to enhance the optimization of the website.

Optimization of your Website
Our developers will refine your website from all points of view: structural, navigation and content. The architecture and hierarchy of the individual pages of your website will be optimized. Our editors will also work on the creation of content, because a site with poor or duplicate content does not have the possibility to position itself in Google.

Promotion and Linkbuilding
Once the site is optimized, it is necessary to monitor it, integrate it with the contents and keywords, and start promoting it on the web so that it acquires a good level of respectability and authority.

 Our team will work in a long series of activities outside the website, with the aim of building a network of external links from authoritative sources (link building) that point to your website, increasing your visibility and your ability to acquire new potential customers . Contact Us!