Sell to the Global Market

Online Business without Borders

Many companies have chosen to open their online store, making use of electronic commerce as a new frontier for the sale of products on the Internet

At Focal Emarketing we are your ideal partner to build the platform and the application through which you can give a new boost to your business, find new customers, benefit from the transactions derived from electronic commerce of goods and services in the market local and global

Reach Customers Around the World

If you are a small company with a strong desire to grow or a large and well established company, we have an e-commerce solution ready for you.

We design and build sites for electronic commerce, with this you can manage and update product catalogs, price lists, promotions, customer records, order status, all in an agile and fast way, and modulated in your needs to your online store.

Build your Online Store

Trust us to sell your products and services online. We will give digital life to your transactions, allowing your business to sell 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without limits of time, space and territory.

We guarantee the use of technologies in tune with the increasing demands of our clients, a professional use of marketing strategies and a thorough knowledge of online businesses.

We will build an e-commerce platform adapted to your needs, perfectly integrated into the structure of your website. This will be our e-commerce solution for you:

  • Easy to use interface
    The online store we offer has an extremely easy-to-use interface on the administrator's side, which will work easily in different product categories, both for buyers, who will navigate among them in a pleasant way.
  • Sales and reports monitoring
    Our e-commerce system allows you to track the sales of your products and generate automated reports, essential to understand current purchasing trends, levels of customer satisfaction, sources and order volumes and the related geographic areas.
  • Customized management models
    Our e-commerce systems are designed to work with the most commonly used payment systems, such as PayPal and 2Checkout, and can be integrated with additional payment methods or payment gateways.
  • Shopping cart, orders and profile management
    Our online store integrates a car with features of the latest generation: easy to manage, modify and fill. The individual user must register their account. Once the personal account has been created, the user can access their personal area, where they can modify their profile and track their orders. Contact Us!