Email Marketing

Reach your Clients Directly!

Retain and Fidelize your Clients

We use the term email marketing when it comes to sending targeted emails, with the intention of acquiring new customers and retaining old ones, providing useful and effective information, as well as the sending of advertising elements in emails.

At Focal Emarketing we take full advantage of direct and immediate contact with each of our clients to inform, retain and sell. Our professionals are available to create newsletters and email templates adapted to your business and we manage the shipment to your customer database.

What We Offer You

Email Marketing is a unique and necessary form of interaction in a digital communication project. It is the perfect tool for the launching of new products or services, promotions and contests and for the generation of contacts.

Our goal is to support you in your retention strategy of existing clients and at the same time contribute to the search for new prospects for your loyalty.

Our Strategy

Our strategy aims to strengthen the relationship with your customers by sending promotional and commercial emails calibrated, appropriate and relevant to your interests.
The analysis of your customer database will allow us to track loyalty routes for specific individual customer objectives. Our graphics and editors will refine your email with attractive graphics and persuasive texts. Other important points of our strategy are:

  • Identification of the target
    The analysis of market demand will allow us to identify the subjects with the highest probability of interest in the message transmitted. Quality of contact and user profile, first of all.
  • Selection of the Tool
    Our staff will identify the best form of email marketing that will be activated to achieve your goal: newsletter; Direct electronic mail (DEM), sponsorship of the newsletter.
  • Message development
    Graphics and designers will give your message the most desirable and effective graphic design, developed from the identity of your company and its recipients.
  • Sending and tracking of sent email
    Our analysts can track users: receipt confirmation, opening rates, rebounds,. Each email is accompanied by a link to your website and a "call to action" that invites the recipient to perform a concrete and measurable action, so that the effectiveness of the campaign is always traceable.
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